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AfryKamera is the first festival in Central and Eastern Europe presenting African cinematography. Its first edition was organised in 2006 in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of South Africa, with invaluable support from the then ambassador, Febe Potgieter Gqubule. The late Abdulcadir Gabeire Farah, our funder and longstanding president of Foundation for Somalia, was a special friend of Afrykamera.

AfryKamera is, most of all, Africa seen through the eyes of Africans. The media is dominated by the image of Africa presented from European and American perspectives, filtered through the Western mentality, while we show the continent in the way it is experienced by its inhabitants every day. Our aim is to show the achievements and most important creators of African cinema. We challenge stereotypes and prove that Africa is not a film desert ? quite the opposite, it makes an outstanding contribution to the world cinematography.

During 13 editions of AfryKamera, we showed nearly 300 films from the entire continent, and hosted producers, journalists, directors and artists from countries including Angola, Mozambique, SRA, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Mauritius, Sudan, Algeria, France and Great Britain. We have shown films that won awards at festivals in Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Toronto and Sundance, films that were Oscar nominees and won César awards. Cinema is a universal language that lets us communicate around the world.

We wholeheartedly invite you to visit Afrykamera. Join our fascinating cinematic journey across the African continent!

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