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New Voices in an Old Flower

Kwiat na nowo rozkwita

20th April / 9 pm / AFRYKASY Cafe / Postępu Street 5

Awards and festivals: IFF Rotterdam 2017
Scriptwriter and director: Quino Piñero
DOP: Quino Piñero, Israel Seoane
Music: Jazzmaris, MistO-MistO, Zewditu Yohannes, Etenesh Wassie, Abiy Woldemariam, Addis Acoustic Project, Abyssinia Sound, Jungle Crew, Dragon Slayer Sound System, Ethiopian Records, Getaye Abebaw, Tezera, Fendika Band
Countries: Ethiopia, Great Britain
Release: 2017
Duration: 69'



In the 1970s, Ethiopian music gained worldwide popularity. The sounds of ethnojazz, created by Mulatu Astatke, became appreciated by music fans and renowned artists around the world. Even though the era of “swinging Ethiopia” has come and gone for various political reasons, the modern Ethiopian musical scene still has much to offer. The heritage of ethnojazz is now not only utilized by jazz musicians, but also by hip-hop or electronic artists. All seem to have one thing in common: a connection to their roots and the intent to merge tradition with modern musical trends. This movie is a journey through present-day Addis Abeba, its nightlife and its unique vibrant sounds. A true feast for music lovers.

QUINO PINERO: Spanish sound engineer, musical producer and filmmaker. Founder of his own music label, SolySombra Recordings. In 2012, he moved to Ethiopia as he had become fascinated with the local music scene. There he worked with such artists as Mulatu Astatke and Samuel Yirga. In 2015, he filmed his first documentary “Roaring Abyss”, his first musical venture into Ethiopia. “New Voices in an Old Flower” is his second full-length documentary.

Train of Salt and Sugar

Pociąg soli i cukru

20st April / 9 pm/ AFRYKASY Caffee/ Postępu Street 5

Director:  Licinio Azevedo

Production:  Portugal, France, Brazil, RPA, Mozambique / 2016

Duration: 93’


Mozambique at the end of the 1980s is the scene of a bloody civil war. The protagonists are villagers travelling 700 km by train to neighboring Malawi, where they trade local goods – salt and sugar – for basic necessities. Onboard current events and issues are discussed, which enables a portrayal of the embattled society of the country. Each traveller represents different ambitions, hopes and fears, but all are connected by one thing: the incessant need for survival.

LICINIO AZEVEDO: born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, independent filmmaker and co-founder of the Mozambican film production company, Ebano Multimedia. In 1977 he joined filmmakers Rui Guerra, Jean Luc Godard and Jean Rouch at the National Institute of Cinema (INC) in Mozambique, and soon after embarked on a prolific career as a documentary filmmaker. He has directed and produced over 20 documentaries and short films. His debut feature “Virgin Margarida” (2013) was chosen by Guardian as one of the top ten films of the year. Azevedo is an AfryKamera regular with half a dozen films shown in previous festivals. He was also a festival guest in 2008.



26th April / 8 pm / CAFE SĄSIAD / Księcia Ziemowita Street 16

Director: Simon Rouby
Script: Julien Lilti, Simon Rouby, Bénédicte Gallup
Music: Pablo Pico
Cast: Azize Diabaté Abdoulaye, Pascal N'Zonzi, Oxmo Puccino
Country: France
Release: 2015
Duration: 82'


Adama is a twelve-year-old boy growing up in a rural village somewhere in Western Africa. The local inhabitants are forbidden to leave – due to restrictions aimed at protecting them from externals evils. When Adama's older brother runs away, the boy decides to venture out into the world to find him. Upon leaving his safe haven, he finds himself thrown right into the middle of war-torn Europe. This is an animated tale about growing up, the loss of the safety that home offers and the experience of war. Simultaneously, the poetic framing and pervasive symbolism permeates the movie with a certain multidimensionality and universalism.

SIMON ROUBY: born in 1980, Lyon, France. He completed film direction studies first in Paris, then in CalArts, Los Angeles. His short films have been shown, for example, in Cannes, San Diego or Taiwan. “Adama” is his feature-length debut, for which he received a Ceasar and a European Film Awards nomination.

Half a year with the barefoot grandmas

Pół roku z bosymi babciami



28th April / 8 pm/ Pavillion 512 / COPERNICUS SCIENCE CENTRE

Scriptwriter and director: Yasmin Kidwai
Production: Indie / 2013
Duration: 56’



Six months from the lives of poor, rural women from Tanzania, South Sudan, Malawi and Liberia who came to Barefoot College in India, to become solar engineers.