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WARSAW, African Day: 22nd April

22nd April / start at 12 noon / Afrykasy Cafe / Postępu Street 5

12 noon: FEEL AFRICA - multimedia display for children / AFRICAline

12:00 POZNAJ AFRYKĘ pokaz multimedialny dla dzieci / AFRICAline

Agnieszka Lewandowska, co-owner and tour guide in AFRICAline travel agency, will spin a story about animals, landscapes and people of Africa. During the panel children will learn why elphants are so brainy, why hipopotams are the most dangerous creatures in Africa and why Maasai are capable of jumping so high. Also, kids will have an opportunity to learn how to recognize various animals' traces and sounds.

1 pm: ERITREAN PLAYGROUND - meeting for children / Adulis Foundation

13:00 ERYTREJSKI PLAC ZABAW spotkanie dla dzieci / Fundacja Adulis




During the meeting, in our imagination we will take a trip through the West coast of Africa - we will reach even the distant Eritrea. We will play drums and learn abour children in Eritrea and their daily activities. Participants will also have an opportunity to listen to traditional African tales.

2 pm: SOMALIAN WEDDING CUSTOMS / For a Somalia Foundation

14:00 SOMALIJSKIE TRADYCJE WESELNE / Fundacja dla Somalii





Wedding is one of the most important events in the culture of Somalia. It means not only uniting the lovers, but also families and clans. There are plenty of ceremonies before wedding day. Dancing and feasting last through several days after. We will learn about those traditions thanks to Elmi Abdi from For a Somalia Foundation.

3:30 pm: MOROCCAN TEA PARTY / Jasmin - Association for the International Co-operation

15:30 SPOTKANIE PRZY MAROKAŃSKIEJ HERBACIE / Jasmin – Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół na Rzecz Współpracy Międzykulturowej



If you want to feel Morocco without leaving Warsaw, we want to invite you for our tea party.  It will be an exceptional opportunity to lear:

- how tea came to Morocco,

- how Moroccan tea tastes and smells like,

- how Moroccan tea is prepared,

- what is the origin of white foam in the Moroccan tea and what gun powder has to do with that.

7 pm: SUDANESE EVENING / Harambi Foundation

19:00 WIECZÓR SUDAŃSKI / Fundacja Harambi





We want to invinte you for a display of Sudanese fashion and traditional outfits. During the evening we will also participate in dance show performed by students from Sudan and in recital of Nagmeldina Karamalla's poetry (in Arabian and Polish languages). It will also be an opportunity to taste coffee from Abyssinia, prepared in consonance with Ethiopian tradition.

8 pm: OPEN AIR CINEMA - The Train of Salt and Sugar

20:00 POKAZ PLENEROWY - Pociąg soli i cukru

Director:  Licinio Azevedo

Duration:  93’

Production:  Portugal, France, Brazil, RPA, Mozambique / 2016

Mozambique at the end of the 1980s is the scene of a bloody civil war. The protagonists are villagers travelling 700 km by train to neighboring Malawi, where they trade local goods – salt and sugar – for basic necessities. Onboard current events and issues are discussed, which enables a portrayal of the embattled society of the country. Each traveller represents different ambitions, hopes and fears, but all are connected by one thing: the incessant need for survival.

LICINIO AZEVEDO: born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, independent filmmaker and co-founder of the Mozambican film production company, Ebano Multimedia. In 1977 he joined filmmakers Rui Guerra, Jean Luc Godard and Jean Rouch at the National Institute of Cinema (INC) in Mozambique, and soon after embarked on a prolific career as a documentary filmmaker. He has directed and produced over 20 documentaries and short films. His debut feature “Virgin Margarida” (2013) was chosen by Guardian as one of the top ten films of the year. Azevedo is an AfryKamera regular with half a dozen films shown in previous festivals. He was also a festival guest in 2008.